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For all its revolutionary hype, it could turn out to be just another variation on existing payment schemes.

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Apple Pay, PayPal, WeChat, and other services already each offer a basic payment method, including various convenience-enhancing features to lure customers and businesses. But, in substance, these services are merely an additional link in the chain of existing payment channels, ultimately connecting to the conventional banking system. If Libra simply competes with these existing players, there could still be rich pickings for Facebook, not just transfer and foreign-exchange transaction fees, but also in terms of data collection.

The Coming Libra Panics

But, of course, Libra is being sold as much more than this. According to this view, if the Argentine forexed forex bank abandoned its peso holdings, the peso would depreciate, and arbitrageurs would step in to support the now-undervalued currency.

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The peso would return to its initial value, and all would be well. During a spasm of domestic panic, international capital flows in a system without the equivalent of deposit insurance are more likely to follow the logic of a bank run. When depositors fear the possibility of a bank failure, the sensible ones withdraw their money.

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If the bank fails, they avoid a loss; if it forexed forex bank, they forexed forex bank simply redeposit their money at little cost. But when enough depositors do the sensible thing and withdraw their funds, the bank will fail.

Subscribe Now The same type of self-fulfilling prophecy can also occur in a national economy. If a peso depreciation seems imminent, all rational holders of pesos will dump them for a readily available stable currency, thereby causing the rapid depreciation they feared.

Forex trading forex trading skolinta kriptovaliuta prekyba uk fca investuoti į bitcoin atsargas

But the risks are obvious. Countries with a long record of devaluations, like Argentina, as well as any middle-size country with a floating exchange rate, would be highly vulnerable to capital flight.

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Proponents of the efficient-markets theory have long pushed for more frictionless transactions, in order to maximize the scope and benefits of the price mechanism.

But so far, we have been saved from the disastrous consequences of frictionless international currency flows by the inefficiencies of the prevailing system. But if Facebook introduces seamless international transactions for the general public, runs will become commonplace.

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Inevitably, governments will have to step in to introduce a new form of friction to the system. One partial solution is a small universal financial transaction tax of the type proposed 50 years ago by the Nobel laureate economist James Tobin.

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Policymakers around the kaip opcionų galiojimas veikia akcijų kainą have been discussing a Tobin tax for decades. Now that Libra is looming on the horizon, it is time to put words into action — before Facebook does.

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Description of modern world currency markets. Modern global currency markets are characterized by the following prekyba dvejetainiais opcionais kaskus features: - The international nature of Forex markets based on the globalization of world economic relations, the widespread use of electronic communications for operations and settlements. Forex dvejetainių opcionų brokeriai The number of currency speculators has risen sharply and includes not only banks and financial-industrial groups, TNCs, but kaip gauti pinigų dabar su blogais kreditais many other participants, including individuals and legal entities. The modern Forex market performs the following functions: - Ensuring the timeliness of international payments.