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What trading instruments do you offer? When trading CFD Shares, you would enjoy all the benefits of having an interest in the price movement of the share, without having to physically own it. Forex - is the foreign exchange market for trading currencies.

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When referring to CFD Forex trading, we refer to the exchange of one currency for another at an agreed exchange price. In order to conduct foreign trade and business, currencies need to be exchanged, therefore it is no surprise that the Forex market is the largest market in the world.

Indices - a stock index is a statistic that reflects the composite value of a group of stocks.

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The stocks listed within an index bear similar characteristics such as trading on the same stock exchange, being in the same industry, having comparable market capitalisations, etc. Cryptocurrencies Crypto — refers to digital currencies that generally use a decentralised network of control typically blockchain technology as opposed to conventional currencies, which are issued and managed by central banks.

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Since its introduction inBitcoin - the world's first cryptocurrency - has seen a meteoric rise in adoption and popularity, as well as high volatility i. The pricing of cryptocurrencies is derived from specific cryptocurrency exchanges, and their value is denominated in US Dollar.

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Commodities - are hard assets ranging from wheat to gold to oil, and as there are so many, they are grouped together in three major categories: agriculture, energy and metals.

Commodities are traded by dealers on an open exchange. That means that the prices change every day.

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Commodities futures are an agreement to buy or sell a commodity at a specific date in the future, at a specific price. Just like the price of bananas at the grocery store, the prices of commodities change on a weekly or even daily basis. The ETF trades like a common stock and undergoes events such as stock splits and dividend distributions.

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The factors that determine the price of an Option include, amongst others: the difference between the current price and the strike price. At Plus, you can trade through CFDs Options at various strike prices that are the most relevant to the underlying index rate.

Please note that the leverage and margin data as well as kaip pradėti opcionų prekybos verslą availability of the instruments mentioned above may vary depending on your region.

To view the full list of instruments, please follow this link.

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